Cost of living cooking habits

Cost of living cooking habits

“Any reduction in energy use is good for the pocket and good for the planet.’

As the cost of living crisis takes hold and consumers are looking at ways to reduce their energy bills as much as possible, there has seen a rise in seeking cooking methods that reduce time or energy usage.

Sadly, for many there has been a necessity to turn away from using the oven or hob and either using a microwave, kettle or not consuming hot food at all.

For others its more simply about trying to reduce their usage.

You will have probably failed to hide from the air frying phenomenon that has been building over the last few months. What started as a trend for a heathier way to cook the trend has turned to time and energy saving.

Sales for air fryers sky rocketed over the Christmas period with many being sold out for weeks. I too have had an air fryer, all in 1 with slow and pressure cooker functions, for just over a year now and see myself trying to use it more often. For me this has been about more recipes and ideas out there which make it easier to use (I have too many functions to know off hand!)

Iceland have even introduced air frying method to their cooking instructions on many of their products. The helping hand we all need to move to this way of cooking.

Another change in cooking methods is the use of ‘passive cooking’.  This is where items such as Pasta, rice or vegetables cooked on the hob are boiled for 2 mins then turned off with a lid on to finish the cooking with the residual heat in the water. For example pasta can be boiled for 2 minutes and then left to rest for 10 delivering cooked pasta but only using energy for 2 minutes.}

Food Delivery services such as Gousto and Hello Fresh are catching on to the trend and consumer demands too. Many recipes now have methods that cook pasta and rice in this way and Gousto launched a range of ‘oven free’ recipes including a Sunday roast!

How much these methods save could all add up but big or small its great to see differing techniques come to the fore and spark our imagination and creativity and any reduction in energy use is good for the pocket and good for the planet.

An air fryer and portion of cooked chips
spaghetti draining over a silver pan to "passive cook" to help fight the cost of living crisis.

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