Nostalgic Foods

Nostalgic Foods

“Microchips! –
What a tecnical revolution that was!”

I went to a 90s concert this weekend and it took me right back to my youth, there were a few people dressed up and you started to reminisce about what you wore and then obviously conversation turned to what we ate and what were the hot new trends and products we just had to have!  

One of the first to spring to mind was Microchips! What a technological revolution that was, chips that could be done in minutes in the microwave and had a fancy box you could eat them out of. It used to be a treat to go to my friend’s house where we had them as snack! 

So many other things came out that were the height of convenience, Pizza Pockets (sure we just put them in the toaster) and pop tarts. All these were innovation of the time. 

Chomps were also high on my list, mainly as the newsagent at the bus stop couldn’t put the price up like he did on everything else up as it was printed on the pack – 20p

The other thing we remembered was Sunny D making everyone turn orange.

The nostalgia trend has been strong for many years as we take comfort in remembering the ‘good old days’ and ultimately brings a smile and happiness to us but many items have that modern twist.

I had a Limoncello Spritz a few months ago and it very much felt like a modern day up market Hooch! 

With the trend of modern nostalgia, I wonder what other products of the past may come back to life as? Or how amazing would it be to have a pop up kitchen that served only retro items and see if we genuinely still loved them or the thoughts and memories far surpasses the reality!

close up of nostalgic food, micro chips
Glass of nostalgic food, Sunny D, orange juice with 2 straws in the glass.

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